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Summer 2016

Hello fine jewelry lovers, Many people are stopping by the shop and asking what we are up to this summer.

We have been remodeling the shop since the spring with Carol and I doing much of the work  and our friend John Hatlem is overseeing the job trying to keep us on task.  The idea is to divide the existing building in 1/3  and 2/3.  We are moving into the back 1/3.  You will have to enter the hall and go back to find our door.

Ice Mountain has a  decent inventory of work in the safe.  Our internet in the shop is under reconfiguration as is our phone line. The best way to reach us is to email cbdale@gmail.com.

This spring we ventured into foreign territory for a bike tour of the Texas Hill Country (THC).

We caught the weather and the wild flowers just right.   Between work we have been taking some time to run a few of our beautiful western rivers like the Taylor and the Rio Grande.

We should be up and organized in about a month.  We are planning on being open by appointment or when we are there.


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