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Report from New Zealand

We returned from New Zealand late March with some jade . The report, not a great source of nephrite jade. As with all mineral and gem deposits there are some fine specimens every now and then but over all in New Zealand they were few and far between.

Some of the most enjoyable time we spent there was on the beaches hunting for jade.

Carol found the best specimen, a 3 inch by 2.5 inch beach tumbled dark green lenticular piece.  I did manage to craft a knife handle out of a piece of rough that I purchased there. Not that rewarding of a process due the quality of the jade and the fact that I make jewelry not knives.  I did, however learn much about the process of knife making.

We have many new silver domed beads strung individually on small diameter leather cords.  Also carved a crow out of of Wyoming nephrite jade in  relief.  It is about 25 by 30 millimeters oval.

I have finished a bouquet of 18k yellow gold and flat cut diamonds in a  violet agate vase that can be worn as a necklace as well.

I am having a hard time establishing regular hours in our new shop but I am there for you if you need me, the web site is up to date give me a call.


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